Welcome to Puyallup United Methodist Church

Puyallup United Methodist Church is an inclusive community.  All are welcome to worship, share, and participate fully in the church and at the communion table, without judgement.

We value fellowship with one another, learning and growing in our faith, reaching out to our community and the world, and caring for God's creation. As a faith community, we strive to live out these values in all aspects of our lives.

You won't find a lot of perfect people at our church but we are working on that. As Christians and United Methodists, we believe there is great value in striving to be better so we work together to become people that make a positive difference in the world, our local communities and with our friends and families.

We worship weekly on Sunday mornings; we hope you will consider joining us!

Praise Service  9:00 AM

Traditional Service  10:30 AM


We affirm that every person is a beloved child of God endowed with dignity, value, and beauty. We welcome all people into the life and ministry of our church regardless of their race, class, age, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural heritage, or legal status. We reject any effort by the world to divide, demean, or dominate the human family. We are a community grounded in the principle that when we love each other we love God because God is love and therefore seek to live a life together that is life giving, welcoming, and generous.