Who Are We?

This is a soul-searching question for most.  Who are we?  What are we doing here?  What is our purpose?  We all stand humbly before God and ask these questions.  Through prayer and the Lord's guidance, we, the members of Puyallup United Methodist Church, have identified ourselves in this way:

 "We are a Christian community intentionally living and sharing God's love.”


We believe God expects us to accept, love, and help others unconditionally.  As individuals, we must be sensitive to, and aware of, the needs of those around us.  As a faith community we need to be missional, letting God guide us in service. Compassionate Living means serving selflessly as Jesus would have served.  It is the responsibility that God gives us.

Our strength comes from our faith—through praise and worship,  study and prayer, and the love and fun we share as Christian friends in our church community.  We sing, laugh, pray, struggle, and search for meaning together. 

Wherever you are in your personal journey, we want you to know you are welcome to join us.

The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is found around the globe and has specific beliefs, perspectives and discipline.  Complete details can be found at umc.org.  Basically, we believe in three simple rules:

Do no harm.

Do good.

Stay in love with God.


Listen to members of Puyallup UMC explain how God has called them to serve.