Who Are We?

This is a soul-searching question for most.  Who are we?  What are we doing here?  What is our purpose?  We all stand humbly before God and ask these questions.  Through prayer and conversation, our church leadership offers this statement of inclusivity as one way to describe who we are:

 We affirm that every person is a beloved child of God endowed with dignity, value, and beauty. We welcome all people into the life and ministry of our church regardless of their race, class, age, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural heritage, or legal status. We reject any effort by the world to divide, demean, or dominate the human family. We are a community grounded in the principle that when we love each other we love God because God is love and therefore seek to live a life together that is life giving, welcoming, and generous.


As a community, we continually strive to create spaces where all people feel they are welcomed and loved because we believe God expects us to accept and love others unconditionally.  We are people who are called to care for our community by engaging in acts of charity and justice.

Our strength comes from our faith—through praise and worship,  study and prayer, and the love and fun we share as Christian friends in our church community.  We sing, laugh, pray, struggle, and search for meaning together. 

Wherever you are in your personal journey, we want you to know you are welcome to join us.