Visitors are always welcome at Puyallup United Methodist Church!  Come on your own terms.  Quietly slip into the back pew, or boldly take the front!  There is no assigned seating.  We all must find our own comfort in worship.  Wear what you want, be who you are.  Puyallup United Methodist Church is inclusive and open to all.   Also, everyone is welcome at the communion table, which includes taking a pinch of bread and dipping it into grape juice. Gluten free bread is available for those that need it.  You are free to kneel at the rail after receiving the elements, but it is not required or generally practiced.  These are individual callings.

  God moves us all in different ways and in different times.  If He has called you to visit Puyallup United Methodist Church, then we welcome you!  The important thing is that God is speaking to you and your heart is listening!