Children’s Time

This is a time during the service when the pastor calls the children forward for a small message of their own.  They sit on the steps with the pastor.  If children are anxious, adults can come forward with them.

children's time.jpg

Sunday School


Sunday School takes place during the 9:00 AM service. Families that are in this service will take children to the Narthex at the rear of the sanctuary after children’s time and sign them in with teachers. Those not in this particular service can still participate—arrive in the Narthex at 9:10 and sign in your children. From there teachers will lead children to room 10 for class. Parents need to sign children out at 10 AM in room 10. During class time, children will sing, participate in Christian lessons, and learn some of the traditions of the church.  Plenty of crafts and movement along the way!

Friday family movie night

Family movie night with church friends.  Popcorn and drinks provided.  Meets in the Fireside room.  Bring your pillow and chill on the floor, sit on a padded chair, or choose a piece of the couch!  We have a guy that loves to make popcorn!

Watch for announcements on the website and in church publications.